Top five cool things to do in Montreal

You are an adherent art lover or frolic foodie or a seasonal tourist, Montreal has the heart for everybody. Acute Architecture, a flamboyant festival, a thing for music, Montreal intrigues tourist in several ways with 400 years of history, French culture, old world charm with merging into the modern muse.

Here are five cool things to do in Montreal:

1. Basilique Notre-Dame: Your Montreal trip won't be complete without visiting basilicas. Montreal's most iconic landmark Nortedome basilica with intricate interior and architecture. A visual delight of one of a kind, colossal symphony, and glittering windows give you the surreal experience of beauty and divinity.

2. A view from the top: Mount Royal in Montreal is the mileage of nature and human relation. Go to the top of Mount Royal for a look at the city from above. The night gives you one experience and day another.

3. Enjoy the food: Montreal food is a culture. You are vegan or vegetarian, or just a foodie Montreal gives you all kind of experience. Not just food you will witness all the quirky and classy decor.

4. Vist the Insectarium and botanical garden: Does it sound cool to you? Trust me, not just me; my five-year-old was intrigued by this insectarium. A significant collection of insects from all over the world and also the largest museum in North America. There is a large of displays of over 250,000 specimen living and mounted insects. Good learning experience for the kids.

Montreal Botanical garden: Here you are amazed by the zen garden from Japan or cactus from Mexico or tropical spices or orchids from South Asia. A trip of beauty and biodiversity from around the world.

5. Experience the underground shopping Market:  Whether you are a savvy shopper or window browser, sneak peak the world's largest underground shopping experience. Locally known as RESO, it is an underground network of shopping centers, hotels, food courts and coffee shops restaurants, exhibits.


  1. I would love to eat my way through Montreal! I bet the food is amazing! And the botanical gardens and underground shopping centers look like a lot of fun!

  2. Two friends of mine have moved to Montreal not so long ago and they are loving the city (the cold temperature a bit less). There seems to be so many amazing place to go see! I'll make sure I show them this post just in case they still need some help to find cool things to do!

  3. I live about 4 hours from Canada, by car! I've always been intrigued to visit Montreal. Your top-5 things to do while there will come in handy, should we decide to take a weekend!

  4. It looks like there are a lot of fun things to do here! Trying new food is probably my favorite thing to do when I visit a new place!

  5. You have some great places to go here! Canada must be tops on this year’s travel list, so many people I know are planning a visit or have recently visited.

  6. Oh my gosh, those insects! Scary and beautiful! The botanical garden looks quite lovely! I've never been to Montreal, but I'm definitely intrigued.

  7. Wow! So elegant and posh. Love the plants you showed to. Montreal looks like an amazing place to visit.

  8. Basilique Notre-Dame looks so beautiful! Montreal is a great place for a vacation :)

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  10. Wow! I've never been, but now I want to go! Pretty sure I'll skip the insectarium, though... [shiver].

  11. I love your pictures! I wanted to travel and this is definitely a must after reading your post. I especially love the insectarium and botanical garden part!

  12. Beautiful city! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I need to go to Montreal! I live in New Brunswick, which is so close and yet I haven't been. But I love these ideas. Makes me even more motivated to go. Thank you tons. Your photos are so beautiful, it makes me so excited to check it out <3

  14. everything looks so fun + nice! thank you for sharing

  15. Beautiful write up...lovely pics and description...sure a beautiful place..
    Thank you

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