Bespoke Banarasi,Bell sleeve ,Tassel earring...#ootd

       Spring is in the air with wonderful weather, flower power and much more to look forward to. I look forward to wear more spring-summer outfits as well as sarees. Some of the most popular spring trends I see these days are dramatic bell sleeve and tassel earrings everywhere. Bell sleeves are super stylish and fuzz free. Tassel earrings are major trend this year. I very often sport them with my western dresses.
     As you guys know my love for mekhela-chadar and my love for banarasi/bespoke weaves are not any less then one another. I get little hopeful and adventurous. Why not incorporate these latest trends in Saree. Here I am in a black Banarasi Saree with pink green and purple lotus motif and silver leaves with pink velvet boarder. This Saree has a very contemporary and modern appeal to it and is perfect for a soiree. The saree is very light and comfortable to wear. Someone like me who is not perfect in draping can easily wear this saree. Since the Saree has motif all over, I want to keep the rest of the things simple, and keep the Saree as the main focal point. Only thing I felt the Saree needs is a long simple tassel earring with pink beads and pearls. Just to add a bit of zing to it. Hope you all like it.


  1. Beautiful earrings. Where are they from?

  2. This is n amazing piece of beauty! Gorgeous earrings :-)

  3. Lovely saree!!! and you look gorgeous !!! is that saree custom made?

    1. Thank you Manju. No this is just store bought !

  4. i just loved your OOTD. I am also not good in saree draping so this is perfect for me.Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Beautiful saree! Especially love the prints and you look beautiful!


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