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b.good, Canton Review

Are you one who crave for fast food, if yes, I am one too. Because, it saves time, tastes good and convenient with kids. But, the major problem with fast food is that they are loaded with sugar, preservative and growth hormones, antibiotic, ingredients which are not at all good for your health. How about if you can eat organic real food with the feel of fast food restaurant? Here is my recently explored and favorite restaurant b.good. The main idea of b.good is to feel good and not feel guilty after eating.

A casual and clean environment with friendly service and trendy food b.good was a wonderful experience. Medley of kale grain bowls, seasonal salads, and vegetables, hand cut fries and options of local all natural burgers and sandwiches including kid meals, seasonal smoothies and a variety of lemonades. Those smoothies are a delight. Creatively crafted menu with plethora options for vegetarian, and gluten free. The menu is very transparent as all ingredients come from local farmers.

The simple idea of b.good – “make fast-food real by making it the way it should be… by people not factories”.

I ordered quinoa lime avocado bowl. When I ate it, the first thing came to my mind is you don’t need to comprise on taste while eating healthy. A freshness loaded with vegetables like super food kale, zucchini, corn, and avocado, with a perfect portion for the price. Definitely, this kind of food makes it apart from any other fast food joints and make you visit them again and again.I never knew that quinoa could taste so good.

We went with our kids too. The great thing about b.good is that they have a nice menu for kids. The menu even offers kid smoothies too. We ordered two chicken sandwiches for our kids. It comes with the choice of fries (sweet potatoes or regular potato), steam broccoli and apple sauce.

In smoothies, we tried Kale crush, Akai berry and Strawberry banana. I liked Kale crush the most because of its fresh taste.

If you are craving for a hearty healthy fast casual dine definitely b.good is a place to explore. Eat and fell good as its motto says.

And my rating is 4 out of 5

The Shoppes at Farmington Valley
110Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT
Phone: 860-352-2629

Monday-Saturday 11am - 9pm
Sunday11am - 8pm


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