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Onion Mountain, Simsbury, CT review

Coming from a small town in eastern part of India with lush greenery I always carry within me and try to find that everywhere I go. Quaint small town charm always appeals me. When it comes to food, I try to find the same small town flavor, local grown real and organic food instead of typical chain restaurants. It always carries the flavor and the food culture of that place.

The other day I was trying to find some local green or organic restaurants nearby Hartford, Connecticut area where we stay. I found a few, and Onion Mountain is one of them located in Simsbury, Connecticut. Mexican American self-service restaurant with a cute and casual set up. It offers food like burritos, tacos, salads, wraps, a few sides and option for kids too. Established in 2014, the best part of Onion Mountain is most food is from locally grown places and also mentioned where it is from. Food is decent even though there is no such big menu yet there are options for vegan and vegetarian. Burritos tacos and wraps are kinds of stuff ideal for rush lunch and everything is under 10 dollars comes with chips and cucumber pickle. Even though it is self-service but service is quite quick and customer friendly. Going by the name, I was expecting to find some special items based on Onion, but ironically there were none, not sure what is the basis, anyway the name is beautiful and caught my attention.

And my rating is 3.0 out of 5.

Onion Mountain Kitchen
928 Hopemeadow St, Simsbury, CT 06070


Sunday           Closed


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