Holiday outfit and an unique way to wear green

 Since 2020 is such a different year for everybody, certainly Christmas in 2020 or holidays is a different one too. 

Even though,  at the end of the tunnel, we are seeing hope, as the vaccine is out now which definitely will make a huge difference. Yet, the terror of Covid19 has not ended here, we are still following precautions and social distancing. 

In the holiday season, I love to dress up. Even though I am staying at home, it does not take away my spirit of dressing up on holiday. In the mundane essence of life, dressing up always makes you feel special. As I am not much in favor of attending huge get-togethers, only celebrating low key, hence dressing up will be easy breezy yet have a festive feel to it.

Here you go for a holiday outfit -

During the holiday season, green and red are such a color to see everywhere. Sometimes the similar outfits, familiar textures, a familiar fabric can be overwhelming. Not only a deja vu feeling but boring a bit. Here, I chose green as the prime color, but the fabric is holiday quintessential neither sequins nor velvet. I chose a green printed silk pant which is dressy yet at the same time very comfortable. Since the pant is already statemented because of the print, I teamed up a  basic green blouse. As for the blouse I chose a basic blouse, I added a statement earring just to amp up the look. My hair is lightly curled, a bright burgundy lipstick on my lips and the rest of the makeup is neutral. I warm myself up with this beautiful forest green coat. Hope you like this look.

Have a wonderful and safe, holiday season. 


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