Saturday, December 16, 2017

Pictures that will inspire you to visit Puerto Rico

      How is the holiday feeling? Snowing and sipping your cup of tea or coffee has its own charm. Decked up the tree but this is also the season when things start to slow down. Time for a vacation. I love snow, I love the holiday, at the same time I imagine great Caribbean vacation as well. Today, I want to make it short and share with you few of Puerto Rico vacation pictures, probably that will inspire you to visit Pristine Puerto Rico. Nature, culture, and wonders. Enjoy the season's festive offerings and take a break too.


  1. My personal favorite island in the Caribbean. It's so much like where I came from, Philippines:) Thanks for sharing...

  2. I enjoyed taking a helicopter ride in Puerto Rico!

  3. Close in looks to Jamaica! And those mangoes! Man, they are my favourite fruits!

  4. This is very interesting, I like it. I will always come to visit after. I will recommend to friends too. Keep up the magnificent work. I think this is engaging and eye-opening material. GST News Updates Thank you so much for caring about your content and your readers.


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