Lake Placid New York, 2 days family tale

As the summer is rendering into almost fall, I felt we have not been to anywhere lately. The daily grind is monotonous and needed an escape from the hustle and bustle. But, hubby has some important project going on and can't take more than a day off. Before sending back to school, we wanted to spend time with kids leisurely. Then on short notice, Lake Placid came to my mind. We had been to lake placid before but thought, with children, it would be amazing.

We planned in a way that we reach lake placid by evening. After having early lunch at home, we started. When you travel, you usually want no rain, but that day it was pouring. In spite of that, we enjoyed the four-hour drive in light rain as it makes New England more charmer and fresher. After 3 hours of drive, we took a little break at Lake George. It was lovely to visit Lake George as well and by that time rain had stopped too. From there, it took us another one and a half hour to reach our destination, Lake Placid.

By the time we arrived, it had turned into a beautiful evening. What a lovely drive from Lake George to lake placid on the side of the river Ausable, as if a long green scarf was lying. After reaching, we immediately checked in our hotel. Even with the four and half hour drive, we did not feel exhausted. We decided to take a stroll around the mirror lake and have dinner. We parked the car on the main street, it is little difficult to get parking there as it is quite busy. If not you can always park in the public lot at the north end of Main Street. I love the way the town is settled beside the lake Mirror with all shops and restaurants, with almost every restaurants, and shops have the privilege of lake view. I love the spirit and ease of this town as you immediately feel being one of them. You don't feel like a stranger after entering into this city.

We took a little hike to the mirror lake, and it was magical and foggy with snow-capped mountain peaks. We decided to have our dinner. The first day ended like that. We didn't want to exhaust kids after the four and half hour drive.

Next day, we started the morning by deciding to have breakfast followed by other activities. As we are there for only one more day, we did not have many options to do. Also with kids, we wanted to take it easy and enjoyable, without trying to cover every single attraction.

The town hosted the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic games and is also referred to as nation's first winter resort. After having breakfast, we visited The Olympic Sports Center, one and half hour is enough to visit it.  It also has the nations first Olympic museum built in 1994. It was great going through the history.

After that, we wanted to take a hike on the mirror lake. It was such a great hike with kids, two and a half mile filled with all the beautiful houses, restaurants and hotels beside the mirror lake.

After the hike, we were little hungry, and we had our lunch. After the meal, we took a short break and decided to go the 100 years old High Falls George. It was such a lovely experience especially for kids, introducing different plants, nature, and history. The George offers a quiz for kids; it was fun for them doing it and a good learning experience. The George has great views of many waterfalls along the Ausable River. Usually, it 's hard to walk in George pathways for kids, but this one is very easy and no problem with children at all. If you want to have coffee or snack, they have a coffee shop and bakery too and a souvenir store as well. As we were full, we didn't eat anything there.

After the great experience at the Geroge, once again we took a little hike in the mirror lake. It was one of our families favorite activities in the placid lake region. We had great dinner with a great view of mirror lake from mirror lake inn. As the little vacation was almost over, we felt little sad.

Next day, we wanted to take the Adirondack scenic railroad, but because of constructions, they were closed. We decided not to do anything more as we had to return home with a four hours drive ahead. After lunch and followed by a hike in the mirror lake our vacation was over. Our 2017's last summer vacation ended that way with a beautiful memory of the historic lake placid and it's beautiful nature. We saved a few of the activities for our next visit because we wanted to come again here for sure.


  1. Sounds like a lovely trip and a majestic place

  2. I have always wanted to visit lake mirror...beautifully described ☝️

  3. Hi, quiet often unplanned trips are the best. You look like you packed a lot in the walk looks lovely. I would love to visit the Olympic sports centre.

  4. Lake Placid seems to be the perfect destination for a short vacation. Would love to visit someday. Great post.

  5. Sounds like a great trip!! When I think of Lake Placid I always think of that maoviebwith the giant killer alligator. Lol. But I forget about the spot of the Olympics! Check out my site at Looks like we have similar ideas.

  6. This sounds like a such a nice weekend trip! I wish I could have joined you and definitely putting Lake Placid on my list of interesting placces :)

  7. Unplanned short trips are sometimes the best. Looks like you had great fun.

  8. Lovely pictures. We haven't been to Lake Placid yet, but these pictures put it onto my bucket list now.

  9. I've always wanted to go here! These pictures are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing x

  10. Hey nice and very helpful post. Keep up the good work

  11. Lake Placid looks like a beautiful place to visit with the family. I would love to visit with my boys.


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