Saturday, June 15, 2019

Summer and hand painted saree

I have always been intrigued by saree, actually even before I have started wearing it. The six-yard literally spells magic upon me. I collected saree even before starting to wear it.
Summer in India is blazing and need to wear something light and feathery feel against the skin to be breathable. Indian cotton is not only known for its durability,comfort and purity but also for the works on it, especially hand-painted ones. You know it's varied and versatile, every region in Indian has its own special paint - ajrakh, bandhani,kalamkari, block print, Madhubani to name a few. But, I don't know why I have never owned any cotton saree.

Well, I am not a purist when it comes to wearing saree. I team my saree with crop tops, shirts, and whatnot. This one is clubbed with a white crop top, silver jewelry, a pink mojri (flat Indian ethnic shoes). I am sure you might have guessed this is the latest cotton saree addition to my wardrobe. How cool is this bicycle print on it? Do let me know your thoughts.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

A basic maxi dress with a eastern twist

East has always inspired the west when it comes to fashion. Indian intricate design and enthralling patterns were always adorned by the west. Eastern fashion has merged with the west this decade more than any other in the past, thanks to globalization and some of the major designer collaborations. Pioneer names like Sabyasachi for Pottery barn and  Christian Louboutin, Prabal Gurung for Jcrew and Target, Pankaj and Nidhi for Anthropology.  I was born in India and living in the USA for a couple of decades, my fashion has always switched and swiped between Indian verses western and mixed and matched with each other.

     This time for my daughter's recital, I wore this Apricot peach dress and teamed up with my already owned Indian designer accessories. I am sure, if you have read my blog, you obviously have spotted those accessories. I already wore a few times. That says how much these accessories are versatile. The peach-pink maxi dress is very basic and I wanted it to look edgy and wanted to add a bit of drama. So, added a Sabyasachi clutch and Suhani Pittie Earrings. Don't forget to spot the Kada, I wore it for the first time. Hair and make up is basic in jiffy mommy friendly.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

A few simple tips for easy traveling

A few simple tips and planning ahead can always make traveling easier. You can enjoy your traveling with more ease and hustle free. Here you go and how-  . And also check this one for the kids

  1. Comfortable shoes - First and foremost good shoes can change the entire traveling game.  When it comes to traveling, I always choose a kind of shoes that are easy to wear and easy to remove. We all know the airport security procedures, if the shoes are not comfortable, it will take more time and could not only be annoying for you but for others as well.
2. A right bag - A good sized bag that can hold a few things and a bag with a zipper, so it can be closed entirely otherwise there are chances that you might lose a few things while getting it on and off the airplane cabin.
3. Packing early -  Starting to pack early can not only save the headache of forgetting stuff but also help with remembering things you might not remember at the last minute.
4. Pack according to the weather of the destination - It 's important to pack according to the season but it is also important to check the weather at the destination. I remember in peak summer in San Francisco, I was shivering and regretting not to have packed weather appropriate clothes.
5. A multi-country charger adapter - Not one charger can work in every country. Important to carry a multi-country charger.
6. Easy on accessories - Avoid large jewelry pieces, it might tangle or break.
7. Always hydrate - Don't forget to drink a lot of water in the flight, it will prevent you from dehydrating.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Newport, Rhode Island beyond a beach town

      We often search for serenity just to escape from the routine of monotonous life. Try to put myself into a serene scene, that's when I find myself in a  city like Newport. Neither hustle and bustle nor a sleepy town, but a lively town where you will find yourself alive. Being a beach city, to the contrary there is a sense of serenity and calmness that strings together. A little more than an hour drive from Boston and a little more than 3 hours from NYC it is my favorite escape when I want to unwind. In spite of a beach town, Newport is quite unique from what you would expect from a typical beach town.

What to see

1. Breakers and the neighborhood - Wander around the beguiling Breakers and the neighborhood. Greenery and exquisite architectural amuse. A seamless blend of luxury and natural beauty.

2. Cliff walk - Pristine and Pretty traces of Daffodils in Spring a picture perfect 3.5-mile walk to remember with the view gorgeous coastline and right behind the mansions.

3. Ocean drive - A drive with beautiful mansions

4. International Tennis Hall of Fame - Whether you are tennis buff or not, you wouldn't regret visiting and knowing the tennis hall of fame.

5. Beavertail Light House - Gorgeous ocean and a even gorgeous sunset, hit a quite peaceful town the Jamestown a few minutes from Newport.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Hidden Gem Greenwood Cemetery for cherry blossom in the NYC

      In the hustle and bustle and in the bustling corners of NYC the 1st time I visited the city, I wondered where the people in the city go for a quiet corner! Do the people have any place to escape where they want to enjoy nature or some quiet corner? Then I visited the central park, the greenery of the park was quite different and what bliss to come from the city of sky scrappers and to enter into the world of greenery.

       And a few weeks back when I visited the city, I discovered Greenwood cemetery. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was a great find to see the nature and spend some time alone or with family, lines of green trees, swiping view of the city, lakes, flowers, sculptures and what not. Most amazingly you can see the city showering in the pink cherry blossom. Greenwood cemetery could be your great destination to see the spring blossom and cherry blossom, not just a solace for your eyes but for your heart and mind. Enjoy the flowery walk.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Happy mother's day

Motherhood, as if the word sums up the whole world in one's life nevertheless today's women responsibilities shouldn't be limited to just one or define by one role in life. Responsibility reminds motherhood comes up with all responsibilities and contributions inspirations and encouragement. Responsibility of preparing kids for their future, teaching them good or bad and right or wrong, as today's kids are tomorrow's future maker.

At the same, while taking care of family and kids we mothers tend to forget taking care of ourselves not just in external ways but internal ways too. It's important to take care of our health as well our internal ways like doing things we love after all mothers are the mirror of a child's life.
      How are you mommy's celebrating mother's day? My kids are excited with their little surprises and never-ending plans of making me happy, made my day. Wish you all a very happy mother's day, including mine which is very precious to my life.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Hubbard Park, Meriden, CT a serene treat

In my home state winter's splendid Silver Night and spring's dreamy Daffodil Fest Hubbard Park is a go-to park in any season. Sheltered in hills, greens, water streams and flower gardens consisting approximately 1,800 acres of land is love at first sight. Visit for a picnic, playground, a hike or soaking in the sun with natural esthetics. Personally more than festivity or any occasion, I love to visit the park when it's less crowded and you can absolutely feel the true essence of the park's serene scene especially in spring when nature strokes the earth and make its own canvas. Let's do a visual
walk with me

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