Saturday, May 19, 2018

Montreal food indulgence and healthy choices part 3

      In our Montreal days, we used to wake up late and loved to have full power pack brunch to kick-start a power packed day. Then the copper brunch came across. The theme intrigued me. Plant-based, environment-friendly and nutrient dense food in a fast-paced setting is convenient in a modern day setting, whether you are visiting a place or in your regular lifestyle. In a casual setting, Copper brunch menu has global-inspired organic natural and gluten-free options including bowel, sandwich, wrap, soup and healthy dessert.

      I opted for Aristle -with non-GMO basil balsamic vinaigrette. Sweet potato, organic spinach hummus, bruschetta, black olives, lettuce, beets, carrot, broccoli, organic sprouted mung beans, spiced chickpeas, non-GMO hemp seeds. I love the whole combination of this bowel definitely innovative, super healthy and delicious with the array of colorful veggies. Yet, my minor grip was the food should look little fresher.

      For our kids, we opted for Southwest wrap scramble - Organic tofu scramble, mozzarella style shreds, lettuce, tomato, spicy South West sauce. It almost tasted like egg scramble, enticing and filling at the same time. Crunchy vegetable with tofu added mild favor ideal for tender taste buds.  Husband opted for Unity falafel wrap - organic spelled wrap, carrot keftedes, romaine lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, non-GMO aioli sauce. This is something you definitely need to try whenever you are in Copper brunch. Incredibly filling, flavourful and healthy at the same time.

      Wheather I am home or traveling my Indian spicy taste buds often crave for spicy food. When it came to drinks in Copper brunch, I opted for Smoothie Gandhi- Non-GMO spinach, organic turmeric, non-GMO pineapple, non-GMO banana, ginger, lime, organic orange juice. I have never come across something like this whether the name or the taste. Never knew the refreshing food, and a
hint of spices do such a wonder in your taste bud. A must try and get ready to tantalize your taste buds.

      When it comes to dessert, most people nowadays tend to let it go because of the sugar. What if your dessert is designed in a healthy twist with no compromise on taste. Yes, that's what I felt when I tried dessert in Copper brunch. I tried Cashew lime cheesecake - Raw cashews, freshly pressed limes, organic coconut, organic coconut milk, organic coconut oil, organic raw cane sugar, filtered water, dates, organic vanilla extract, natural sea salt, organic chlorophyll. A creamy, succulent taste in every bite. And then Chocolate zucchini brownie - Dairy free chocolate chips, cane juice, brown rice flour, zucchini, cocoa, Earth Balance buttery spread, organic soy milk, potato starch, non-GMO canola oil, organic flax seeds, non-GMO hemp seeds, tapioca syrup. That was my kids favorite whipped and moist brownie and quite filling and is shareable with two. . .

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Montreal Food- Indulgences and healthy choices part 2

      Your any food trip won't be complete without taking a coffee or tea break. Here you will enter 1930's housed in building Boulangerie, cozy yet quirky and has quite a bit to offer with coffee, croissants or a cake, artisan bread sandwiches and moreover, they use organic flour for everything.

      After sightseeing and visiting museums, we need a little rest that is not too long yet short enough to relax. And Boulangerie Pain à Tartine perfectly fits into that. A warm cup of coffee with pecan pie for me and a mango pie for the husband.

      A crunchy pecan pie was perfect in every nutty bite, and moist, flavorful mango pie was wholesome with crumbly delight of freshness.

These sweet and sinful treats are meant for indulging and unwinding. You might find these treats anywhere else, but the way they maintain the authenticity of the taste is quite amusing. I can assure you will not be disappointed here.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Montreal Food- Indulgences and healthy choices part 1

      If you follow me or happen to read my last post you read Montreal top 5 coolest things to do. There I mentioned one of the coolest things is food. The food culture do talk about a place more than any other thing. Montreal food culture is enormous and vivid just like its food choices. I had been to Montreal twice but yet to cover many more.

 Le Darlington - Connecticut to Montreal was about 6 hours drive. When we reached Montreal It was almost evening time. Even though it was 1st week of April, you could still feel the sharpness of cold. We decided to have our Dinner early and did not want to explore much with our young kids. Le Darlington is in Courtyard by Marriott where we also stayed.

       Open high ceiling with modern contemporary interiors, Le Darlington is a chic place. A friendly welcome greeted us to our seats. We opted for soup after the long trip.

 A savory bowl of  Italian soup with mix beans. Mild in taste yet serves you a good deal on a cold winter evening.

For starter, we had mushroom with a spicy sauce that came with bread. It was enticing, delicately cooked shrimp in a hint of chilies and the spices added great punch.

Then came mozzarella slices with fresh basil and sliced tomatoes. The garden fresh tomatoes and basil indeed oozed freshness and the deliciousness.

And for the mains, kids had vegetable pizza and we had rice risotto. Kids thoroughly enjoyed their veg pizza. With a hint of butter and high consistency made the rice risotto silky, smooth and savory to taste.  The empty plates said it all. Gracious service made our meal even tastier.

     In the end, kids wanted a treat, and we ended it with a creme brulee. It was decent, the particular delight was missing somehow,  but when it comes to creme brulee.
     Our First Meal in Montreal ended pretty well. We then looked forward to the next morning and much more delightful meals.

To be continued....

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Top five cool things to do in Montreal

You are an adherent art lover or frolic foodie or a seasonal tourist, Montreal has the heart for everybody. Acute Architecture, a flamboyant festival, a thing for music, Montreal intrigues tourist in several ways with 400 years of history, French culture, old world charm with merging into the modern muse.

Here are five cool things to do in Montreal:

1. Basilique Notre-Dame: Your Montreal trip won't be complete without visiting basilicas. Montreal's most iconic landmark Nortedome basilica with intricate interior and architecture. A visual delight of one of a kind, colossal symphony, and glittering windows give you the surreal experience of beauty and divinity.

2. A view from the top: Mount Royal in Montreal is the mileage of nature and human relation. Go to the top of Mount Royal for a look at the city from above. The night gives you one experience and day another.

3. Enjoy the food: Montreal food is a culture. You are vegan or vegetarian, or just a foodie Montreal gives you all kind of experience. Not just food you will witness all the quirky and classy decor.

4. Vist the Insectarium and botanical garden: Does it sound cool to you? Trust me, not just me; my five-year-old was intrigued by this insectarium. A significant collection of insects from all over the world and also the largest museum in North America. There is a large of displays of over 250,000 specimen living and mounted insects. Good learning experience for the kids.

Montreal Botanical garden: Here you are amazed by the zen garden from Japan or cactus from Mexico or tropical spices or orchids from South Asia. A trip of beauty and biodiversity from around the world.

5. Experience the underground shopping Market:  Whether you are a savvy shopper or window browser, sneak peak the world's largest underground shopping experience. Locally known as RESO, it is an underground network of shopping centers, hotels, food courts and coffee shops restaurants, exhibits.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Bihu outfit of the day and finding my way

      Every celebration in the world is associated with some kind of color. When somebody talks about Christmas, the red, green and gold always come to mind. Bihu is a celebration related to colors like red and beige (in Assamese we call it muga color). This year we visited Boston for Bihu celebration. While deciding on an outfit, I chose a muga color mekhela chadar and a red bell sleeve top. I skip the blouse because I wanted to give a modern twist.

      My love affair with mekhela chadar had started long back. But only thing stopping me from wearing it was that my plates were never perfect. When I was in my 20s, whenever I had to wear mekhela chadar, I always had an excuse for not getting proper plates.  In my 30s and now I am more comfortable, and I found my way to wear it, giving it a modern twist by either wearing modern accessories or chic blouse instead of the typical ones. Even now I am not getting perfect in wearing it but am more comfortable now.

      It was a warm and uplifting sunny Saturday on the East coast after several months of icy cold weather. The mekhela chadar is woven with multicolor threads and a hint of golden thread with typical Assamese motifs. The mekhela chadar has all sublime sunny colors on beige, and I wore it with sunglasses.

      A mekhela chadar is instantly mood lifting and happy enough to celebrate and cheer. On accessories, I took the minimal route. A high neck bell sleeve top already statement and flamboyant, for handbag a red and pink potli bag, an Assamese earing called thuria and an Assamese ring. And the high neck blouse already refuse to pair up with any neckpiece. Let me know how you like it.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Love for Bihu

Bohag Bihu or Rogali Bihu is not just a festival, it's a heartbeat that beats in every assamese heart. Bihu is an energy and spirit that carries a whole lot of assamese emotion.

Food: Bihu is happiness in eating assamese delicacies whether it's pitha(Assamese sweet fritter) or jolpan(assamese cereal). Assamese home gets fragmented by all the delicious Bihu food.

Handlooms or gifts: Bihu is the beginning of the assamese new year. Buying and gifting new clothes is a tradition. Gifting a handcrafted assamese gamosa or mekhela chadar to your beloved is always fun. Is it not exciting enough to celebrate Bihu?

Bloom: Bihu is the time of the year that witness the bloom of beauty or beautiful flowers. New leaves come during this time and transform Assam into a whole new scene. Kapau full (foxtail flower) accentuate Bihu esthetics.

Season of love or wedding: Bihu is the ultimate season of love. Bihu songs totally depict all the told and untold Assamese love sagas. Many people start a new beginning of their life including us. We tied the knot in the Month of Bohag or Bohag Bihu.

Music and Dance: Bihu, Rogali Bihu is no fun without some great music and gracious dance moves. Bihu transforms Assam into a musical telltale.  As they say,  Dhool (assamese drum) brings thunderstorms, and Pepa brings lightning, that the intensity of Assamese Bihu.
Enjoy the Bihu and Bihu season.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

1st Anniversary and a Giveaway

Hello readers rather hello friends, Hope you all are doing great. This week is such an emotional week for me as my blog turned one year.  I can't thank you enough for your neverending support. The year of my blogging journey was not very easy one. I saw so many ups and downs, but certainly an interesting one. Every weekend I struggle with what to post next, yet your overwhelming response gives me an instant boost when I almost gave up. Every morning when I open my page or insta or facebook your message and encouragement inspire me to write and get better.
This is my first giveaway for my blog. As my blog is Acupofassamtea I wanted to giveaway something close to heart and my state. This is a handloom Eri Shawl or scarf and a packet of natural green tea sponsored by Green Moments Tea Co. With a neverending hope and love have a great weekend.