Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sweet Green , Washington DC beyond salad

I always get psyched up visiting a metro city because it has plenty of dining options when it comes to era trendy restaurants. This time during our visit to Washington DC we got the experience of Sweet Green.
A food that is totally guilt-free, sustainable and keeping it real creating meaning in every day is all about sweet green.

Located in Arlington, the chic cafe sweet green mostly offers salad and bowls with the option of building your own. Emphasizes on locally sourced and seasonal food choices of protein and vegetarian.
I chose their most talked about and popular Mexican corn elote bowl. Mexican street style bowl with choice of all healthy substitutes Cilantro, arugula, quinoa, and tortilla chips. Not just colorful but with a power pack punch and succulent taste. Healthy substitute can be tasty that's what it says.

Then my husband had Shroomi a warm bowl with beetroot, wild rice, shredded kale with miso sesame ginger dressing. A tangy, flavorful bowl with just the right portion size, delicious.  I feel that adding various choice of dressing and an array of salad choices, world cuisine inspired definitely sets sweet green apart from any other salad chain.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Outfit of the day Sanjukta Dutta, Amrapali keeping the tradition and slaying the trends

Designer: Sanjukta Dutta, the winner of the prestigious Dada Saheb Award for the best designer 2018, who designs especially traditional Assamese outfits, mekhela chadar treasures, and transports from the Brahmaputra to the Thames,  the Ganges to the Hudson. Sanjukta's designs are a symphony of colors and medley of motifs from the traditional Assamese to the tribal tales around the world, a sheer visual delight.  I chose this Crisp and charismatic black mekhela chadar woven with traditional Assamese motifs in silver that melds with the modern royal blue and crimson for the 2nd day of Assam Convention 2018.  Got this mekhela chadar a couple of years back, but the best part of Sanjukta Dutta's mekhela chadar is that it remains trendy and classy even as days go by.

While planning the outfit, I was a little overwhelmed while choosing the jewelry. Then I thought about this Amrapali necklace, I didn't have to think twice. Traditional mask motif is a very traditional Indian art form that merges into the modern muse. The mask reminds me of Majuli's mask making visit experience.  As I wanted to give the mekhela chadar a modern look, instead of wearing a traditional blouse, I wore a silk bell sleeve off-white crop top that blended well with Assam silk and a crochet potli to complete the look. Wearing the most traditional outfit of my home state, I incorporated the look with current trends, just like a woman of today who never leaves behind tradition yet always slaying the trends.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Fruitive, Washington DC

      If you follow me you might know I was in Washington DC for Assam Convention. As a foodie, my travel won't be complete without exploring good the food scene.

      My absolute turn on in life is good food and books. When I entered Fruitive it clearly hooked me in no time. The chic urban cafe has so much to offer. A beautiful entrance-self full of books definitely got my heart.

      When we talk about good food, it should be easy, sustainable, transparent and straight from nature. Fruitive is the first certified organic fast food restaurant in North America and the menu embody all natural plant-based ingredients such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices.

      A few barstools by the window and also outside sitting arrangement, Fruitive all vegan menu consists smoothies bowls and sandwiches wraps.

      I started my day lunch in Fruitive with a pressed juice called Immunity - green apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper.  Even though Indian origin is widely known for eating spicy food, I never had a spicy cold drink. If you are ready to give a spicy kick on your taste bud then immunity is your drink with the garden freshness of green apple and lemon.

      Then for the main food, I opted for Southwest wrap which consists of whole wheat tortilla, romaine lettuce, corn salsa, wild rice, grape tomatoes, cucumber, onions, avocado, spicy hummus and cherry on top sea salt and black pepper.  I love this innovative take on healthy food and is quite filling and must say, so yummy.

      My 9 and half year had Roasted red pepper panini in flax and spelt bread, roasted red pepper, spinach, cucumber, sriracha aioli, cashew cream, cayenne pepper and black pepper. The power pack and the nutrient dense sandwich was super succulent.

      Then hubs went for Mediterranean wrap which was on a wholewheat tortilla, spinach, Romanian lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, kalamata olives, garbanzo beans, original hummus and basil vinegarette.  The innovative and healthy sandwich oozed deliciousness in every bite.

      And then my little one had Almond banana toast flex and spelt bread, almond butter, banana, maple syrup and cocoa nibs. My five year old ditched the banana that day. The one good part of Fruitive is you can add or substracts ingredients. Some people add more power pack ingredients and some like my five-year-old ditched healthy option like banana even when you are in a healthy restaurant.  By the way, the smooth peanut butter and crunchy cocoa nibs made the toast decadent and delicious.

  Fruitive was a fruitful visit with all the good food which made you feel good, not guilty.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Outfit of the day Kunal Kaushik, Sabyasachi in Assam convention

Designer: Kunal Kaushik an acclaimed designer and a born artist, Kunal designs resplendent and redefining Assamese tradition elusive weave that lures one into his signature rhythm and rendition that merge relevant global sensibility. A dream cream color mekhela chadar warp and weft assamese motifs dhulia and nasani (the drummer and damsel dancer)  with Kunal's quintessential use of color shocking fuschia pink and periwinkle purple in mina. After wearing Kunal, I felt like a modern princess. Kunal designs are not just to wear but cherish and celebrate. No doubt why Kunal is seen as an avant great designer.
Event: Assam convention -Assam convention is a celebration of the assamese diaspora in North-America where the assamese community gets together to showcase Assamese culture, food, tradition talent, and invited artists. Every year it is celebrated on July 4th weekend around North America in different cities. This time it was celebrated in Washington DC and the 39th Assam convention.

  A gorgeous Kunal Kaushik Mekhela chadar does not need much yet going to a formal event, I added a few accessories from my side. As it was a signature assamese event, I don't want to add anything that takes away all the charm. A gold choker to team up with the mekhela chadar. I decided to wear a hair bun that was a little unusual for me and took a risk as hair up always make my rounded face little more rounder. I wanted to give the Assamese look a touch of the southern part of India by wearing jasmine in my hair bun. Wearing flower always enhances the beauty and smell of fresh jasmine personify peace and purity.  With the traditional look, I added a final touch with classic Sabyasachi box clutch jaguar in it. Let me know your thoughts and have a fantastic weekend.

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